Our Services

Server Set Up

The installation and configuration of the most basic element of any infrastructure, the server, deserves careful attention and consideration. The right administration at the outset could mean the difference between “set it and forget it”, and the “daily headache”.


The old adage has it that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true with security. Riomar Group can help your business develop a security strategy for your IT assets as well as your physical premises.

Structured Cabling

No business can exist without its basic data cabling infrastructure.  Whether it’s fiber, copper or wireless, Riomar Group has the skills and expertise to get the most basic, yet most important component of your network in place and organized.


A comprehensive network offering is available to meet our clients’ specific needs. It includes the development of a network strategy, detailed design, professional installation, problem analysis and ongoing maintenance services.

Project & Operations Consulting

When the biggest obstacle to getting your IT together is just doing it, we can help. Executing IT projects in-house frequently takes far longer than it should. And it’s no one’s fault, as everyone has a full plate and is working long hours. This is where Riomar Group can just get it done.

Financial Industry Specialization

With billions of dollars of client assets on the line, the financial industry has very special and specific IT needs. With more than 10 years of financial industry experience, developing bullet-proof platforms to address all aspects of the trading process, Riomar Group understands those needs and can provide top-quality service.