Financial Industry Specialization

With billions of dollars of client assets on the line, the financial industry has very special and specific IT needs. With more than 10 years of financial industry experience, developing bullet-proof platforms to address all aspects of the trading process, Riomar Group understands those needs and can provide top-quality service.

We have spent many hours building and fine-tuning data collection and archiving stacks, model processing and trade execution platforms, and reconciling and reporting systems which all share reliability and fault-tolerance as a basic building block.

We are familiar with SEC and SOX obligations for security and compliance and will build these into the systems developed when possible. Our “Security” section outlines the importance of internal security, and nowhere is this more important than in the financial industry. This is another strong, basic building block of all of our designs.

If you want to build a well-planned, reliable and secure infrastructure on which to base your trading business, we have the expertise to do exactly that.