The old adage has it that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true with security. Riomar Group can help your business develop a security strategy for your IT assets as well as your physical premises.

Our team has a long history in IT security. We stay abreast of the fast-moving changes and developments in vulnerabilities and sources of security compromise. We have solid strategies for security audits which probe your existing infrastructure, and more importantly for developing a solid base structure from the outset. While conventional wisdom on security focuses on perimeter security (firewall), we feel that a successful security strategy needs to incorporate a strong internal component as well, all without inconveniencing the users or affecting the company’s productivity.

In addition, Riomar Group provides physical security systems. We can install and configure surveillance cameras, access controls (card-keys, etc) and all the accompanying technology, such as video storage strategies. In addition, we can integrate these with your other data security assets for a complete, end-to-end single-sign-on solution.