The Riomar Group Process

Our Process is based on a system of specific steps that conclude with a personalized solution by a specialized team for your technology needs.

Technology Assessment

We let you drive this phase of the process, outlining what your day-to-day operations are like, and where you see potential for automation and centralization of services.  We also bring to bear our years of experience in identifying areas of automation that you may not have thought possible.


We are firm believers in the maxim “measure twice, cut once.”  All of our solutions are mapped out in detail, as are the plans to implement them.  All aspects of the plan are reviewed by members of our team as well as your own, to ensure that every detail has been covered and thought through.

Whenever possible, we follow a resilience architecting approach.  Over the years we have seen massive events that have interrupted and even wiped out business operations.  We have distilled those events to basic categories, and our system architecture accounts for redundancy and continuity in most situations.


Change control procedures are employed at all aspects of deployment, and are strictly adhered to.  These ensure that changes will not affect your company’s operations, and also ensure that, if needed, changes can be easily rolled back.

Wherever possible, changes to existing infrastructure are executed in a lab environment similar to your existing environment.  In this manner, we can develop comprehensive migration plans that will minimize the impact to your operations.

New infrastructure elements are planned such that they graft seamlessly into your enterprise.

Quality Assurance & Knowledge Transfer

Following deployment, we work closely with your team to preemptively identify any unforeseen bugs and to ensure that the new systems are being fully exploited by your users.

In addition, it is our intention that your company should be as self-sufficient as you would like it to be.  As such, we provide detailed knowledge transfer in the form of training and thorough documentation.