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Why Choose Us?

We bring the Riomar Group Process to you.

The Riomar Group Process is a way of building your system with a holistic view of your enterprise in mind, creating a solution that we’ll plug in and turn on with a minimum of work for you.  Rather than rely on cookie-cutter solutions, Riomar Group will work with you closely, starting with a hands-on personal evaluation of your company’s specific needs, from comprehensive systems analysis to interviewing key staff—while always keeping your budget in mind.


That level of personal commitment carries through your entire project. We will build the right team to fit your specific needs. We personally back up what we build, and the Riomar Group team will be there to support you when you need us.  We treat everything we do as if it was our job on the line.  But by building you the right system the first time, we minimize your need for extensive follow-up.


These are the tenets of the Riomar Group Process.

We provide system security with a focus on Growth Planning.

Every experienced business manager will tell you that a good business plan, one that details anticipated growth and how the company will handle additional workload and personnel, is crucial to the long-term success of the enterprise.  Too often though, the technology infrastructure of the business is not mapped out in a similar fashion.

The result is an ad-hoc infrastructure that is more and more difficult to maintain.  Businesses that have experienced sudden growth spurts very often have networks and mission-critical systems assembled in extremely inefficient configurations that are vulnerable both to system failure and infiltration of their security.

One of Riomar Group’s strengths is the ability to assist you in in building networks and systems that will maintain pace with your growth projections, and then some.  We will audit and analyze your existing security, and build exactly the level into your system that you need.  We also provide a much broader system solution based on resilience architecture, in which system failure in mitigated, and business continuity is provided for in a wide range of scenarios.  Your security and recovery systems will be integrated, high-speed, flexible and grow as you do.

We provide pragmatic green solutions.

Our systems aren’t energy-saving just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it saves you money.  With the right system in your server room, you can save substantially more on monthly energy costs than you realize.

We’re experts at cost-controlling technology.

While we’re fully versed in most proprietary software you might ask for or need, Riomar Group also specializes in open-source software solutions that work on commodity hardware.  We encourage and advocate using free or inexpensively-licensed software that has been developed in the open-source community, where the hallmark is transparency and the focus is peer review-based high standards.

With the usual proprietary software that many companies rely on, the person who finds the backdoor into your network is most likely the same person who is going to exploit it.  By using open-source solutions, a global review network has already found and fixed the vulnerabilities in your software’s source code before we ever install it—which means fewer expensive security scares down the road.

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