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Riomar Group is dedicated to the professional design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling and all network infrastructure components from the conceptual phase through to the cutover phase. To provide IT managers with alternative ways to reach their goals, our designs encompass the full range of data and communications media. We specialize in the installation of the following types of cabling:

  • Cat 5e

  • Cat 6

  • Cat6e

  • Cat 7

  • Fiber Optic

  • Wireless

  • Outside Plant

By offering this broad array of options, we let the IT manager select the cabling infrastructure that best meets the technical requirements as well as delivering economies of scale. Whether your need calls for copper, fiber or wireless, Riomar Group can accommodate you.If you are seeking a professional affiliation that provides:

  • Analysis and Consultation

  • Design and Engineering

  • Installation and Implementation

  • Training and Maintenance

Why settle for a firm with a tradition of “Me Too” solutions and lackluster performance? Riomar Group combines its broad platform of expertise with the passion to make your particular cabling requirement a case study for innovation and efficiency.


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