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It’s understandable to feel helpless at times when it comes to the deluge of news concerning private sector cyber breaches. Attacks continue to increase year-over-year and the types of attacks continue to evolve. So how should corporate America respond to this threat? Which types of security solutions should be financed? And with corporate America now facing greater regulatory and legal scrutiny concerning cyber preparedness, a trusted advisor is needed now more than ever.

Riomar Group understands that security is more than just purchasing the newest hardware or software tool. A successful cybersecurity strategy must incorporate a strong internal component—one that does not inconvenience users and clients, nor affect corporate productivity. Mostly, a strong cybersecurity strategy requires corporate leadership buy-in and belief that security investments will return value to the company.

The Riomar Group Team has the experience to help you mature your cybersecurity posture so that it adds value to your organization. At Riomar Group, we do this by helping you manage the three aspects your organization needs to master in the face of today’s threats: 



  1. Governance & Policy: Mature security programs must begin with good governance. Riomar Group can ensure your security teams and all employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities when it comes to protecting information systems and data. We will help your security teams craft governance documentation that is in alignment with your company’s values and strategic goals.


           Charters | Policies | Standards & Procedures


  2. Technology & Process: Aligning technology acquisitions with overarching business objectives is crucial for a successful security program. Riomar Group can help corporate security teams align their mission with the larger business by implementing proven security frameworks. Riomar Group will also use quantitative frameworks to help boards and executives understand the potential financial risk of action or inaction when it comes to cybersecurity.


                   NIST 800-53 | F.A.I.R. | HIPAA | PCI


  3. People & Training: It is not a cliche to say your organization’s most important resource is its people. From poorly trained personnel to disgruntled employees, the intentional or unintentional mishandling of information systems can make or break any organization. Riomar Group has pioneered world-class training consisting of tabletop exercises to give your employees a “dry run” of a real cyber breach. Riomar Group can also advise you on how to integrate security teams into the core business, allowing for an iterative security, development and operations (SecDevOps) process.



Cyber Threat Training Scenarios | Skills Building Exercises


These three complementary aspects will help your organization devise a cybersecurity plan that fits within your organizational culture and financial thresholds. Coupling this with vulnerability assessments, security audits, and continuous monitoring of your IT environment, you will always be one step ahead of adversaries.


Lastly, in the greater New York City area and Southeast Florida, Riomar Group provides physical security systems. We can install and configure internet protocol-based (IP) surveillance cameras, access controls (key cards, etc.), and all the accompanying technology (video storage, etc.). Plus, we’ll integrate these with your other data security assets for a complete, end-to-end, single-sign-on solution.

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