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Tired of dealing with outdated communications technology? Reliable wireless connections are essential for any business, yet installing them can be complex and time consuming when an organization does not rely on the right resources or over-engineers. That’s where Riomar Group comes in.


Look to our experienced team to quickly and efficiently install only the framework your organization requires, all with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.


Our engineers have worked across numerous fields to install and configure networks that ensure their necessary applications are fully supported and secured—with a cost-conscious perspective to guarantee the best outcome for your business. We specialize in creating solutions for a range of applications, from tunnels and mining to in-building and railroad communications systems. Our services include WiFi, RF, DAS and 5G, which are proven to improve the performance of your network and keep you connected.


Our solutions are designed to be robust, reliable, and future-proof. As your business grows or changes are needed, your infrastructure will grow with it so you can rest assured that the necessary connections are up-and-running.

Wireless Network Engineering

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