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A comprehensive network offering is available to meet our clients’ specific needs. It includes the development of a network strategy, detailed design, professional installation, problem analysis and ongoing maintenance services.


Most networking issues arise, at the very core, from poor planning. In a direct reflection of the ad-hoc nature of small business IT infrastructure, businesses find that they start to experience bottlenecks and latencies, even though there are only a few users in the office. File sharing, VoIP and VPN traffic all increase the load on the infrastructure, and if not properly planned, they can cause headaches that will cost thousands of dollars to diagnose and fix.


Riomar Group takes a preventive approach to network design. We not only look at what you’re doing today, but at what technologies could be a good fit for your business down the road, and we will set you up to be prepared to incorporate these. Again, it’s always easier on your budget to plan ahead than to go with the less expensive solution today that will cost you time and money down the road, and which will have to be replaced anyway.


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