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Riomar Group provides hardware and software to large, enterprise IT operations. We shine in evaluating the business needs and desired outcomes of these shops, and right-fitting solutions that will meet those needs, while providing flexibility for future growth.

Our primary focus is on networking and data center needs. We have strong relationships with Cisco/Meraki, Ciena, Juniper, Fortinet, HPE/Aruba, IBM, and Extreme Networks. These relationships allow us to get the best equipment at the lowest costs to provide you with the best, vendor-agnostic solutions

Use our knowledge, you’ll gain access to exceptional capabilities to ensure you dramatically reduce your risk of implementing a costly wrong decision. This saves you significant time and money.

Additionally, Riomar Group provides installation and configuration services. Our systems experts are highly experienced and very well versed in the most esoteric aspects of Unix, Linux and Windows server administration. Your enterprise will benefit from our years of experience with obstacles and limitations encountered in real-world business applications, and the strategies we have developed to avoid these.

Hardware & Software

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