Riomar Group is built on career experience: Making sure billion dollar mistakes don’t happen. Ensuring that all systems are always available. And crafting solutions to specific challenges as they present themselves, quickly, efficiently and on budget. That’s the experience we personally bring to building your system.

The key to the Riomar Group Process is flexibility: Riomar Group is not a standing army waiting to be shoehorned into projects, but rather the hub of an extensive, national network of professionals with diverse skill sets and specialties. Ron Garcia-Vidal and his core group of team leaders will evaluate your needs and hand-pick a team that is ready to give you the specific know-how you need and the personal attention you deserve.

Ron Garcia-Vidal
Founder and President

Ron is a Sun-certified Solaris System Administrator, highly experienced with Windows and Mac operating systems and has worked with Linux systems for over 15 years.  He has over a decade of technology experience in the financial sector, developing, building and maintaining systems for a company open 24/7/365 in all of the global markets: an environment with no tolerance—or time—for the wrong solutions.  Recently, his team was a finalist for a prestigious American Financial Technology Award in the category of Best Data Management Initiative.

Mikki De Cataldo
Information Design/Project Management Team Leader

Mikki has built databases and award-winning websites for Public Television and cable news networks, and has taught college-level web design. She is skilled in brainstorming, guiding and collaborating with clients to pinpoint needs and potential solutions. She also has extensive experience in working with teams of experts, writers, advisors, designers, and developers on a local, national and global level to deliver these solutions in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Guy Durand
Systems Design and Development Team Leader

Guy specializes in Enterprise-grade Linux and Windows systems. He has designed, built and maintained data centers running up to hundreds of physical, blade and virtual machines for companies in the financial sector and software development fields. In addition to server hardware setup, Guy has also done extensive infrastructure design, including deployment of load-balancers, firewall equipment, switching gear etc. Tracking down problem sources and designing to avoid these problems are among his strong suits.